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About Us

The Shao-lin Center for Martial Arts was opened in March of 1996, after Si-Gung Frank Versagi returned from his first of three training tours to the Shao-Lin Temple in China. The School is located in Westlake, Ohio, a western suburb of Cleveland, Ohio; situated on the northwest corner of Center Ridge Road and Crocker Road, inside the Westlake Community Center.  The Shao-lin Center offers classes in meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, Shao-lin Kung-fu, Northern Style, and women self-defense seminars. The School focuses on the mental as well as the physical development of the students. 

The meditation and Tai Chi classes are geared toward allowing the students to relax, calm their busy minds down, and to slowly get into mind/body shape. 

Our kung-fu classes teach a practical, realistic approach
to the martial arts, techniques that will help should they find themselves involved in a fight; not techniques that would require gymnastic skills. We emphasize to our students that fighting is the last option of any situation; however, if you find yourself in some type of battle, you may as well be an excellent  fighter so you come out ahead. 

The leg/hand ratio is 50/50 allowing anyone of any size to become proficient at their kung-fu skills. We cover body conditioning, controlling the emotions, weapons, weapon takeaways, anti-tackling and a variety of other skills that enhance the students’ all around athleticism. Men, women are all treated equally.  We train kung-fu students starting from age 10 up to any age; doesn't matter, it’s never too late to start.

Currently classes are taught Wednesdays and Saturdays, no contracts are required, very reasonable monthly rates. The school is 2000 square feet and has plenty of room for everyone. Class sizes are small to medium, allowing plenty of attention to all students. 

The Tai Chi Chuan and Shao-lin Kung-fu taught at our school has not been watered down at all to fit some Western sense or view of the Martial Arts, but is taught the traditional ancient Chinese way. No one just blows through our program in 18 months and becomes a Black Sash; but the journey is the good part, not just the destination. We try to bring as much mental and physical combination training to the student as we feel the student can absorb.  Students progress at their own rate, not some pace set by the School. 

We somehow want to instill in the student the feeling that they should become a calmer, kinder, less egotistical person, who just happens to know how to take care of themselves in this ever changing society we find ourselves in today.

Yours in the Martial Way,

Si-Gung Frank Versagi, 

6th Degree Black Sash