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Si-Gung Frank

Si-Gung Frank Versagi, 63, is a 7th Degree Black Sash in Chinese Martial Arts, and 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate, starting out as a boxer, switching to karate for a while, and since 1988 has trained in the Chinese Martial Arts, including Shao-lin Kung-fu, Yang Style Tai Chi, Qi gong, Bagua, Xing-Yi, Iron Palm, and Iron Body. 
Si-Gung Frank has traveled to China in 1995, 1998, and 2005 and lived and trained with the Shao-lin Monks at the Shao-Lin Temple in Henan Province, China. Also in 2005, Si-Gung Frank was privileged enough to train at the famous Wudang Mountain in China, only recently opened to Westerners, where he learned Wudang Tai Chi from actual Taoist Priests and was taught the principles and practices of Taoism. On the way back each time Si-Gung Frank trained with various Chinese Masters in Beijing in Tai Chi and Bagua. 

Upon his return from China the first time, Si-Gung Frank opened the Shao-lin Center for Martial Arts in North Olmsted, and we’re proud to say the school will celebrates its 17th anniversary in March of 2013.

Besides running the school, Si-Gung Frank also does seminars in women’s self defense for the North Olmsted Police Force and various groups around the city. He is also available f
or lectures or seminars on a variety of topics, most importantly of which is the power of positive thinking, and reducing and eliminating stress in your life.  

Si-Gung Frank is also a certified acupressurist and is available for acupressure treatments by appointment; and now offering Tui na pressure point treatments.