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Student Testimonials

"The Shao-Lin Center for Martial Arts can be summed up in a few words:

Authentic, Traditional, Focused, Intense, Personal, and Effective.

After spending nearly a month personally visiting and evaluating no less than 10 martial arts schools in the area, I decided to join the Shao-Lin Center. After a year with Si-Gung Frank Versagi, along with his passionate instructors and dedicated students, I remain confident in my decision. This school remains unsurpassed in the quality and authenticity of the training provided. With intimate and humble surroundings akin to a traditional shao-lin temple, skill achievement and retention are guaranteed.  

If you seek increased confidence, physical strength, mental acuity, and optimal health overall... the Shao-Lin Center for Martial Arts is guaranteed to optimize every minute and every dollar you invest in your training - hands down, bar none. "  Wil S, August 9th, 2015

"I have been studying at the Shao-lin Center for Martial Arts for a little over two months now. I am a student in both the Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes, and I absolutely love them. I attend classes there three days a week and look forward to them on each of those days. Training there is awesome! Mind, Body, Spirit: every part of you is nurtured, honed, and made better. It's hard work. There is lots of sweating and muscles ache, but every day you will see and feel yourself becoming more balanced, more toned, and more comfortable in your own body. Si-Gung Frank is amazing as well! I spent months looking for the right place to study, with the right teacher, and when I read about the way he teaches on the school's website, I knew I had found both. You will not be coddled, you will have to work, but you will be encouraged and skillfully instructed along the way. The other instructors and students are also great! So, if you're thinking about attending, just do it!" - Mike Gulley, August 2nd, 2015