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Meditation classes
involve standing chi-gung moving and breathing exercises, designed to increase energy flow throughout your body. Sitting Buddhist and Tibetan meditation exercises, where we basically just sit and do nothing, just breathe deep and try to calm our minds. Some visualization exercises are included to help the student stop thinking about so much other “stuff.” Our goal is to relax the student’s normal brain activity, enabling the brain to work on what it does best, moving our internal energy through the meridian channels, creating a healthier, calmer, stronger student. Currently meditation classes are by appointment only. Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you’re a current student or not.

Tai Chi Chuan - Yang style, long form: the 108 movements of this form are taught in three sections, allowing the student to take their time and learn it well. Tai Chi Chuan involves breathing exercises, light stretching, and then the actual Tai Chi movements. Tai Chi helps the student relax. There’s not enough that can be said for relaxing. It’s an uptight, rush, rush world we live in, relaxing is a good thing. Tai chi also gets the student in shape slowly, without hard impact or too strenuous of moves, but over time the student will realize physical and mental improvement in every aspect of their being. Tai Chi at the Shao-lin Center is practiced the old traditional way, which means we include the martial applications of Tai Chi, if the student wishes to learn them. We also include training in push hands, single, double, and walking. Tai Chi Chuan at its core is the Supreme Ultimate Fist, and we should not forget that, as some schools do, and only focus on the health aspects; Tai Chi has something for everyone. There is no age limit to Tai Chi.  Tai chi classes are taught three times a week.

Shao-lin Kung-fu - Northern Style: Our martial arts classes are conducted as they are at the Shao-lin Temple in China. Si-Gung Frank Versagi has trained there three times now and runs classes as they do in China. The student will learn realistic, practical techniques that will work, not movie techniques. Body conditioning, sit-ups, pushups, weapons, weapon takeaways, anti-tackling, talous (forms)  all are included in the curriculum. Iron palm and Iron Body training is also available. Adult men and women train together and are treated equally. It’s a comprehensive program and no one is rushed through in 18 months, just to say they have a Black Sash in kung-fu. At the Shao-lin Center you will earn it at your own pace, whatever that pace is. Kung-fu classes are taught three times a week.

Women's self-defense seminars - Knowing how to protect yourself is essential, not only from a physical standpoint, but from a "peace of mind" standpoint.  Our seminars are an hour and half of hands on training.  Not a lot of talk, much more focus on having the participant "doing" the actual techniques we teach.  You will leave this seminar realizing you do NOT have to be a victim, and you do NOT have to live in fear.   Seminars are $25.00, and I'm telling you, it will be the best 25 bucks you'll ever spend.  We do seminars at our site or yours.  Minimum of four, maximum of 20.  Call or email for more details.    

Private Lessons - Available upon request.  Email or call for details. 

Meditation and Qi Gong - By appointment only. Please call or email to schedule an appointment.